Mpumalanga! Mpumalanga!

No, I’m not trying to talk with peanut butter in my mouth.  This is a state in eastern South Africa and contains both Kruger National Park and the Blyde River Canyon– two of SAs crowning jewels.  Since I had already done the safari thing and couldn’t bring my bike into the park, I had to focus on the canyon.

I’ll let this composite shot show why I wasn’t complaining about missing the park.

Streams flowing through the hills turning into waterfalls down the sudden cliffs were seemingly everywhere.  The bright sun and deep chasms made for very difficult photo taking, so sorry about the exposure levels on these

Even when the stunning views were obscured by smoke from controlled fires, the close-up world provided its own unique sights.

So, after some great riding around scenes like this with a couple of other riders, what would just cap it off?  Just put the perfect finish on it?  How about the first biker bar we’d seen in Africa?  Excellent!

The next day I was off again and was a little disappointed when I left the scenic route around the canyon.  My mood quickly changed when I saw that this is what they mean’t by a ‘normal’ route.


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