Africanised GSGuy

No, not like those crazy bees, but just used to Africa.  After Victoria Falls I headed over into Botswana for my turn back south.  I wasn’t going to spend long since I had to get far south and then head back home for a wedding within a couple of weeks, so my plan was to stick to the main roads, do a couple of fun rides, and then move on.  It was during this little stint that I realised just how at home I was with Africa.

It was the elephants in Botswana that did it.  They were everywhere- on the side of the road, in the road, pooping on the road… And I was just kind of annoyed with them since I had to worry about getting around them and not running over their business (you can imagine)…  They were like cows in the road, until I stopped myself and realised what I was thinking.  Wild elephants!  On the road!  And I just couldn’t care less- it was just so everyday…  I was Africanised.

Of course, me being me, that doesn’t mean I somehow turned into a bright young fellow.  No, it means that I think I know best and can start making assumptions…

I had been going down a decent road for a while, one with only a few man-sized potholes, when I decided that I’d try a short-cut.  It wasn’t marked on my map or GPS, but it was well paved and seemed to connect my current road with the one I wanted to get to without doing the 75km dogleg that was on the map.  You can guess what happened next:

Good road turned into…

Turned into a track along a fence where there seemed to have been grazing, but no other signs of anything…

Which then turned into a track covered with Umbrella Acacia, which are known to happily puncture tyres of all sorts with their ridiculously long thorns…

Which… Led to the road I was looking for!

Yeah, I was rocking on that fall foliage thing too!

I can only assume that they had started to make a connecting road  like I thought and then just gave up or something.  Either way, it was some  fun riding, but also a good reminder about trying to take short-cuts in Africa.  Don’t.


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