Lets get Ready to Rumble!

In one corner we have The lady who has more African natural wonders named after her than anyone else, that Widow of Windsor, Mrs Brown herself… Queen Victoria!!

And in the other corner we have ancient tradition, The Smoke that Thunders… Mosi-oa-Tunya!

Yup- We’re talkin’ Victoria or Mosi-oa-Tunya Falls.  The crowing jewel of African natural splendor.  That ‘Must See’ place.  That… Really misty place where you can’t see much.

When I first heard that the falls were at a record water level, I was well chuffed.  I had this idea that they would be at their most impressive and dramatic- at their best.  As it tuns out, these falls are so incredible that the only way to truly appreciate them is when the water level is low.  Yes, the mist and thunder could be seen and heard for miles, but the falls themselves were almost completely hidden by that very mist.

Don’t get me wrong- it was amazing and stunning’s love child- completely unforgettable!  The few fleeting glimpses of raging water through the mist paid the entry fee in full.   It didn’t hurt that I was only person on the Zim. side of the falls- I had the whole place to myself and didn’t see another tourist until I was passing through the turnstiles to leave.  Hint- get there as soon as the park opens and you’ll have over an hour before the first tour bus shows.

All and all very cool, but like Great Zimbabwe, not nearly as cool as just riding through the country and enjoying daily life- the great sites/sights you enjoy with your eyes, the daily life you feel right through your bones.


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