I’m going to cheat here…

I’m sure you’ve noticed that my posts have been rather rare of late.  The truth is, I’ve been having a hard time getting back in writing after my ‘holiday’ and South Africa hasn’t helped by being such a fun, easy place to spend time.  Now that I’m back on the road properly I’ve got lots to write about, but I have this long list of posts I need to do to get up-to-date.  So, I’m going to make a big post here that hits some highlights, but pretty just gets you to where I am now.  Don’t worry, you aren’t missing much- South Africa is a wonderful country, but not a challenge in the way of the rest of Africa.

One Great Ride Done!

After leaving Lesotho, I hit the coast and started riding for Cape Agulhas.  On arrival I had the place to myself and had some time to watch to waves and think about the last year and 75,000km.  I have now ridden from the northern most point in Europe to the southern mist point in Africa and within that done the classic Cairo to Cape.

I’m quite curious to see how the next year turns out!

Best Dealership Ever!

I had to stop at a BMW dealership in George for some parts and ended up staying in the area until I fly home for my friend’s wedding.  The people were amazing- they checked out the bike, beat one of my panniers back into shape, and, best of all.., Put my bike in the showroom while I was away!  My big worry over leaving my bike was dealt with and I even got an interview in the local paper about my trip.  Sure, it was good publicity for the dealership, but in every way they made an extraordinary effort to make me feel welcome.  I know I’m gushing, but Lynn Schroeder BMW is by far the best BMW dealership I have encountered in my trip.

Rally- SA style!

I’ve it a few rallys on this trip, but none like the ones in South Africa.  The biggest difference is the mix of bikes- there is really very little of the clicky stupidity that surrounds many North American rallys.  All bike are welcome and mix freely.

Take a look at the bikes in the above pic and tell me of another rally where you would have that kind of mix- fantastic!  The riders themselves are also a great mix and wonderfully fun.  Head on over to www.eccla.co.za and check gallery 12 for more pics of the rally and some of me that show some of the ‘initiation’ fun I went through!

Backpackers of the Dammed!

I ended up spending more time in and around Cape Town than I expected since getting a visa for Angola is a huge pain in the ass.  One fun part was the backpackers I stayed at.  It had the normal mix of guests, but the long term residents were enough to make me almost sad when it was time to leave.  There was the Danish guy waiting for South African customs to clear his bike for South America, the SA guy who was moving to Spain as soon as he sold his car who didn’t really want to sell since he would leave his kid behind, the young woman who was managing to mess her life up in a way that only befuddled youth can make charming, and the Canadian guy waiting for his Angolan visa.  Our daily tales of woe from our various predicaments brought us all together and we became fast friends in a way that rarely happens.  The transient nature of our friendships made it easy to give way to wild abandon- like a holiday fling that allows you love passionately since you’ll never have to deal with the realities of a real relationship.  Despite this, I can only say that I was almost sad to leave… The call of the open road cannot be denied.

Okay, the next posts will resume with my trip as I start to ride up the west coast of Africa….


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