The Sands of Time

Lüderitz was my first taste of how German parts of Namibia really are.  It’s not just the old architecture, but the food, language, and culture that express the colonial history of this country.  Considering that Germany had a relatively light footprint in Africa it makes for a refreshing change from the ubiquitous British/French/etc culture that weaves its way through much of Africa.

That being said, the highlight and lowlight of the area for me was the abandoned town of Kolmanskop.  A highlight because it was cool to see the rather regal looking houses being slowly swallowed by the desert.  A lowlight because it has been made into a proper, paying, tourist attraction which they are preserving much in the same way as some wildwest ghost town in The States.  It seems now that the almost ethereal quality of a bustling town being slowly drowned by the sands is more at risk than the town itself.

Ah well, it was still cool.  And, I also have lots more complaining to do about tourist sites, so I’ll leave that for now.


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