Oops… I Did it Again

Now that I’ve hopefully gotten that horrible song in your head, I’ll tell you what I did.

Turning inland from the Skeleton Coast towards the main road to Angola the landscape slowly changes and after about 100km it starts to become simply arid instead of an outright moonscape.  The ground gets covered with not quite knee high scrub grass and small bushes start to try and make the transition into scrawny trees.  It’s also where animals start to appear again- mostly various kinds of antelope, springbok being the one that makes the tasty schnitzel.  The springbok is also the one whose calves would paste Bambi’s ass in a cutest young contest.  Yes, and it’s also the one whose young like to sit in the grass near the side of the road and dart out when you start riding near…

Riding at a respectable speed down a long straight stretch of gravel road, two of these little dears jumped up out grass and began to panic.  One danced around a bit and then ran away, while the other skipped the dancing and started looking at the far side of the road.  I knew it was going to try for a dash across the road, but there was no way that I was going hammer on the brakes or try and fancy moves on the gravel at speed- I could only hope it would try early enough to get past or give me time to avoid it once I saw what it was doing.   Seems that evolution hasn’t had time to favour animals that can judge motor vehicle speeds since this guy judged it just perfectly to become a speed bump.  I hit the poor thing head on and both tires had gone over it.  Slowing down to turn I was desperately hoping that it was dead- like with ‘The Iceland Incident‘ I didn’t want to leave an injured animal to slowly die or something, so I knew that I’d have to finish the job if the bike hadn’t.  Lucky, there was no doubt about it’s state- it’s nervous system barely had enough connections left to make one of it’s leg twitch.  I had the strange thought that maybe I should try and salvage some of the meat, but quickly discarded it since I didn’t know what the laws on such things were and my complete lack of skill would have made it rather messy.  I decided the best thing to do was the kick it off the side of the road so that at least the scavengers could get a meal without worrying about being hit by someone else.

The whole thing kind of bummed me out, but whatcha gonna do?

Well, now that you ask, I’m going cheer you up with a picture of me being introduced to South Africa- biker style!


A big thanks to Gazz from The East Cape Club Leaders Association from letting me post his pics on my blog.  And a big thanks to Sandz for trying to keep him sane(ish).


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