Hittin’ The Big A

Angola that is!

I had all my papers in order and so, except for some last minute bureaucratic silliness, crossing into Angola was pretty much the usual experience in hurry-up-and-wait.  Once in Angola though, it all changed.  While tourists plague Namibia like some ravenous horde of picture taking locusts, Angola is relatively untouched by them and the result is a generally good natured and friendly response to foreigners.  As much as I was aware that I was entering a more challenging environment, I was also relived and happy to be off the tourist track again- to be once again on an adventure.

The ‘adventure’ part of the riding didn’t wait long to show itself.  We all know about Angola’s horrible history of civil war, and can imagine what 30 years of fighting must have done to the infrastructure,  but to experience the results first hand is something else.  The main North-South road, listed as a primary paved highway, needs a bit of work…

The bridges really didn’t inspire much in the way of confidence either…

Beyond the road, constant reminders of Angola’s bloody past are everywhere.

So, with all this- why is Angola quickly becoming my favorite African country?

Tune in next post to hear the answer as GSGuy gets grilled by the locals!  And a log becomes a major figure in his life!  It’s all coming up on another installment of…

As the GSGuy travels!

Brought to you by The British Overseas Airways Corporation and Chesterfield Kings- blow some my way!


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