I’m There!

But where is There?!

The Jungle.  The Real Jungle.

Now, before you think this is just another “Look how horrible African roads are!” post, it’s not.  For whatever reason, the deep forests on my way down Africa just didn’t push my ‘jungle button’.  I’m not really sure what it needed, but Gabon sure did.  It started out slowly, riding along high ridges with The Jungle thickening out below me…

And then, as the road wound it’s way down and across a bridge…

I was in it.  In The Jungle.

Sure, the roads where a complete disaster- even the hilltops where little more than mud pits.

And the bridges were, well- challenging…

Thing is I couldn’t care less- it was exactly what a road in The Jungle should be!  The oppressive heat and humidity fighting each other over who would create the most discomfort; the cacophony of calls from unknown animals; the sense of complete isolation while still surrounded by so much life…  All of it was perfect- exactly what I had hoped for from riding through The Jungle.

While it wasn’t promising to be easy, Gabon was certainly promising to be entertaining!


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