The calm before the storm…?

**Update: Pics are now in.**

**Note: When I get Internet access that’s faster than something David Lightman might recognize, I’ll update with real pics.**

Continuing my ride North from Libreville, into Cameroon, through Yaounde, and then to the coast things just didn’t change.  It was amazing- almost any view or experience could have fit perfectly in any order with any others.  The people where universally friendly, as long as I stuck to street food it was excellent, and The Jungle was always there and never lost it’s charm…

Since I was riding towards Nigeria with it’s well documented problems and had just come through the two Congos, this stretch took on a strange aura of calm.  An eye of the storm where I could recharge my mental batteries and just experience the joy of riding through a fascinating environment.  Once I hit the coast, just south of the Nigerian border, the aura became an image; framed and mounted in my mind as a the perfect place of relaxed peace.

Getting food meant heading down to the beach where the fishing boats would come in and the cooks would buy your fish to order…

The boats themselves where about as ricketyily made and maintained as one could imagine, their general lack of engines and the sing-song shouting between their pilots and shore all adding yet more flavour to the wonderfully fresh meals.

Even the drilling rig just off-shore seemed more a reminder of how good I had it than any kind of industrial intrusion.

The call of the road being what it is, I can’t say that I longed to stay much longer than I did…

But, when the vagaries of fate stepped in to send me back, I certainly managed to keep a most civil tongue in my head!


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