Trip Track Updated

Yes, I’ve finally updated the trip track and added a list of countries visited so far.

You will notice that map looks a bit worse for wear.  Don’t worry- I didn’t have another accident or anything, but my pannier did have a delayed response from my accident in Ethiopia.  Since the accident the mounting lock has been a bit iffy, but generally good and I check it regularly.  After the adventure of Angola and The Congos I guess it had had enough and while I was on a nice stretch of tarmac decided to make a break for it.  The lock popped and the pannier went flying from the bike, skidding down the road and into the bushes.  My first reaction at the noise was to cringe- What Now?!  I quickly pulled over, saw the obvious, tracked down the escapee, and with the help of some bungy cords secured it in place.  So, the pannier (and map) is now rather more banged up, but not going anywhere.

I also know the track shows just how behind I am on posts, but I’m due for a break soon and with any luck will be updating things in the next few days.


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