The begining of the end of the…?

As you probably guessed from my previous post, exploring The Western Sahara wasn’t really something I felt I could do.  There are plenty of other riders and overlanders who go out in the middle of nowhere there and have a great time, but considering the unstable situation and the fact that I’m feeling just fine about my ‘ adventurousness ‘ cred, I decided to stay on the coastal road all the way up into Morocco proper.  Even so, I did manage to have some fun.  In Dakhla I spent a couple of days camping and hanging out with some french surfer dudes on a beach, between trips to town to hang with a group of Czech car/truck drivers who were doing a Prague to Dakar rally for charity.  I think I was resisting the move to Morocco and the final leg of my African adventure.

The final leg started with a bit of a lurch rather than the expected leap into the modern, touristy world.  I decided to spend the night in Tarfaya and while I wasn’t expecting much, I thought that with the possible draw of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (author of ‘The Little Prince‘), it might have something interesting to check out.  I was initially disappointed, but days after my uneventful wander through that dusty town I kept coming back to it as my last stop before the path once again became well beaten…

After Tarfaya, Morocco became a tourist wonderland.  And a riders pinup girl-beautiful in every way…  As long as you leave her on her calendar page.


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