Well, that seemed uncalled for!

Well, we now come to another post I’d rather not make.  I’m going to kind of run through a bunch of things that happened quickly.  Not from any specific loyalty to BMW (though I love my bike!), but more because I know how many great BMW bike dealerships are out there and I’d hate for them to painted with the same brush as the completely incompetent, possibly fraudulent, and at best simply lazy beyond my comprehension dealership in Morocco.

First, my windscreen was smashed in a parking lot- I was gone for about 10 minutes and returned to find my bike on it’s side and most of screen in pieces around it.  Now, considering how many times my bike as been dropped without even cracking the screen, it must have been hit fairly hard to smash my screen like that.  Then, as if to add insult to injury, the ‘security guard’ at the parking lot, who had seen nothing, tried to insist that I pay him for his services.  Unfortunately, I’m fairly sure I didn’t quite hit him as I roared out of the parking lot.

The final drive on my bike had been starting to grind (after almost 100,000km I guess I should expect some wear n’ tear), so I headed to Casablanca to the BMW bike dealer, SMEIA.  They seemed pretty good and after an inspection said that it would take a couple of weeks to get the parts in since they didn’t expect that kind of wear on such a new bike.  No problem!  You keep the bike, and I get to tour the old cities of Morocco where a bike is just a pain.

So, I had a great break touring Morocco, though I’ll skip the ‘what I did on my summer holidays’ details.  It was a lot of stff like this, The Hassan II Mosque:

And Moroccan fast food (tagine can’t be made to order properly so they start making tonnes of it before lunch and then you pic the one you want):

When my bike was ‘ready’ I went to the dealership and basically experienced a comedy or errors- they hadn’t checked to see if the repairs were under warranty so I had to wait on that.  They couldn’t find my keys and when they did they were locked in a box and the key holder was on his 2 hour lunch.  They were supposed to re-thread part of one of my rearview mirrors, but instead got me a new one and then couldn’t install it because the threads didn’t match (and still insisted on charging me for a new mirror…).  They couldn’t fit my seat back on the bike (took me 10 seconds).  They…  Well, they were so incompetent that I still get sick to my stomach when I think that I let them touch my bike.  It actually gets worse, but I just can’t be bothered to give them more space on my blog.  Suffice it to say, I had to take my bike to a good dealership in The UK and have them check and fix everything done badly badly in Morocco…  Though it was already too late for the new screen that SMEIA installed, since the incorrect installation had already started to cause stress fractures around the mounting screws.

BMW should be ashamed that they allow their colours to fly above such a disreputable dealership.


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