I LIKE it here!

The good news for me didn’t end with religious tolerance…

Paramaribo is just a great place to explore and delights you at almost every turn.

Even if the occasional turn seems to send you to New England…

The advertising also manages to get in the act by showing a rather different selection of popular long distance calling countries than we’re used to seeing…

And while I don’t have photos (I may be a dirty old man, but I’m trying to avoid adding a ‘creepy’ to the name!), the popularity of my hotels pool with the young bikini clad Dutch college students that cavorted around it every afternoon certainly did nothing to dampen my enjoyment of the city either!

The riding still wasn’t much, but one long tendril of road that managed to insinuate itself deep into the jungle at least provided access to some decent camping- something of a rarity in the area.

It would be easy to go on and detail reason after reason why I so enjoyed my stay in Suriname, but, like the call of the road, the call to write about other adventures is strong and not easily ignored…


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