Life is rough

Leaving Salvador I decided to ride south along coast since it wasn’t packed with big cities and was supposed to have cool beaches along with nice coastal roads.  What I got was…

Fantastic little towns begging me to kick back at their dockside bars and eateries…

Wonderful coastal roads that alternated between fast beachside stretches and winding jungle jaunts, and an endless choice of palm lined white sand or jungle waterfalls…

It was almost ridiculous.  I was spoiled for choice at every turn and I couldn’t wait for the next bend in the road, or hill climb to see what wonder would be offered up next.  But despite this, I’d decided to move inland again after a couple of days since there was a great national park and town I wanted to visited call Diamantina.  The town is a UNESCO world heritage site and the park looks like a green and grassy Arizona.  So, turning my back on the sun soaked wonders of the coast I rode inland again to face my monumental stupidity.


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