It could happen to anyone… Couldn’t it?

The town of Diamantina is a heritage town known for it’s well preserved colonial buildings and is located in a semi-arid mountainous region just outside a national park and was a center of diamond mining in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The Diamantina national park is a semi-arid mountainous region that was important in 19th century diamond mining, it’s closest town has a wonderful colonial atmosphere.

The two are also over a thousand kilometers apart.  I did not know this…  Until I actually arrived at the first Diamantina looking for the second.

I mean, really- if you were browsing a list of places to visit in Brazil and saw those 2 entries beside each other, what would you think?  Admittedly, The fact that I kept on thinking they were close by until I’d actually arrived at one certainly took things to a higher level of ‘I’m an idiot’, but I think the initial mistake was easy to make.  Right, huh?

You see, not that far at all….

But, as with most of these kinds of mistakes, since I’m not really in any hurry, it wasn’t a huge issue.  I’m also kind of glad I didn’t know, since I would most likely have skipped one and that would really have been a shame.  So, without further attempts to justify my error… I give you, straight from Brazil and live on the GSGuy Blog…  The Diamantinas!!


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