The grand finale

I had started to ride south east towards Rio and the coast, but decided to skip it.  It wasn’t like Rio was going anywhere, and I think I’d have more fun visiting it as a normal tourists.  So off to Iguazu Falls and a perfectly sweet finish to my ride through Brazil.

On paper, Iguazu is a perennial also-ran; second to Niagara in annual flow, second to Victoria Falls as the largest curtain of water, etc.  But after setting eyes on them, the others really just seem desperate to win on a technicality.

Walking along the path facing them on the Brazilian side, your first view is impressive.

But, then, it just doesn’t stop.

It just keeps going…

And going, until you finally hit ‘The Devils Throat’.

Sorry for the quality of the stitched image, but I didn’t want to hog the view point for too long.

On a sad note, the day I was there a number of tourists were killed when their boat (like those below) rammed the falls when the pilot had a heart attack.

At the time I didn’t know that anything had happened, but when I returned to where I was staying I got updated and had a long ranging talk with a young Dutch couple who were just finishing up their 7 month round-the-world honeymoon.  None of us were shaken or agonizing about how easily it could have been us, but nevertheless, it brought the thought to the fore and made for fascinating and challenging evening conversation.

And perhaps a shot of sour to balance the end to my ride through Brazil.


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