Lets do the timewarp again…

Okay, since my blog is really behind I’m going to jump forward in time to today.  Why?  Well, I started my trip 2 years ago today and I thought I’d give you a quick update on it.

-over 130,000km so far (actual bike KMs, not total)

-About 7,500 liters of petrol, 55 liters of motor oil, and 8 front tyres and 14 rear tyres

And the blog, while about 4 months younger ain’t doing too bad either…

-Over 25,000 hits (best day just over 1,000)

-Over 240 posts

I’ve got to say I’m still loving the ride and thank  my luck stars for it often.  Another thing I thank is the people who read the blog- keeping it up can be a pain, but knowing people read it makes it completely worthwhile.

So, thanks for reading!  I hope to get my ass in gear and get new posts on here soon, and to keep posting for a long time to come!


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