Well, aren’t you special…


Buenos Aires is a beautiful, grand city.  It’s inhabitants also have their noses so high in the air it’s amazing they find enough oxygen to breath.  Not only do they epitomize the Argentinian belief that somehow they are better than any other South American country, but they also seem to take it as a personal affront that BA isn’t in Europe where it so obviously belongs…  All that being said, it’s still is a wonderful city to take in and really deserves more time than I was willing to give it.  I could image renting a small apartment and spending a few months exploring and falling in love with it.

Like Paris or New York, I think the face it puts forward to tourists is less welcoming than the people really are- spend the time to get under the facade and I’m sure you’d be rewarded with everything you’d expect from one of the world’s great cities.

I didn’t have the time to do this, or really the inclination.  BA can wait for another trip when I’m travelling without a bike.  The siren call of the long road south consumed me more than any city ever could.



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