Where did you come from?

Okay, I knew it going in.  Winter was fast approaching and I had to get my butt in gear and get south before it got too cold.  My original plan of riding down western Argentina on Ruta 40 and then back up on The Carretera Austral was out the window and the new plan of riding down the paved eastern coast road of Argentina was in place.  I knew the road was supposed to be long, windy, and boring.  I guess I just didn’t expect all the very, extremely, etc to be added…

There was, however, one bright spot that was equally unexpected- Valdes Peninsula.  It is a fairly bleak place, but completely filled with a wonderful variety of sea and land animals that just seem to take humans in stride.

From penguins hopping over your feet as they waddle by…


To armadillos that actually stop to let you pet them…

To sea lions that I made absolutely no attempt at touching.

Oh, and foxes too.  I didn’t try to touch them either.

It was just a wonderful place.  So, after a few days of riding around and enjoying the sights, hitting up local fishermen for fresh crab and other maritime delights (these ones were cooked in white wine, garlic, and onion), going swimming with the penguins (yes, the rest of the wine from cooking was involved), and generally just putting myself way behind schedule I was off again.


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