Now, this is Patagonia!


Fairly quickly after leaving Ushuaia I was back in the desolate plains, but I wasn’t really bothered since I was quickly going to cross over to Punta Arenas to ride up Ruta 40 and through some of the worlds most spectacular scenery.

The ferry across The Strait of Magellan seemed to be a good omen- sunny weather, calm seas, and 2 cool riders from Germany.  Things were looking up!

After spending a fun night in Punta Arenas with the Germans it was off north.  And off to some of the most spectacular riding and sights I’ve seen on the trip.

The plains slowly gave way to the mountains, with gravel roads linking various ranches and allowing me to ride in a fairly haphazard way while still going in generally the right direction.

Before long I was riding into The Torres del Paine National Park and saw the beige plains and hills of before washed away by deep blue lakes and vivid green trees.

The deeper I rode into the park, the more majestic it became, until I was finally under The Paine Massif itself.  This was certainly one of those times where I was kind of jealous of the average backpacker.  They could easily take the 5 day ‘W’ trek around the massif since they ‘re kitted out for trekking, where as I was pretty much tied to my bike unless I wanted to deal with all the hassles of parking the bike and my gear while also buying/renting trekking gear.  It was a bit of a disappointment, but you can’t have everything and trying to turn the trip into something it wasn’t just didn’t make sense.

So, after a great night of camping, off I went to see what else the road had on offer…




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