Now, this is fun!

There’s no denying it- good roads and great scenery certainly have their place.  I usually try an stick to the roads less traveled, but not only did I feel like just enjoying a cushy ride, but once you start getting into central Chile it takes work to find anything else.  The roads are generally paved and in good condition, gas stations are never far away, and local restaurants have you wondering why you’d ever cook for yourself.

On one mountain road I had a great encounter with another rider.  He was a cool guy from Brasil, but what I really enjoyed was looking at our two bikes.  It’s not any kind of serious rivalry, but KTM riders tend to look down on BMW riders (especially those on 1200 GSAs) as wannabes who like to talk a good game, but never actually ride one.  I’ll let the photo speak for itself.

Sweeeeet! 😀



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