For every action…

After just a couple of days on the salar we were all a little nervous about our bikes.  They weren’t just salty- they were completely encrusted!

It was time for drastic cleaning action.

Yup, that’s Bad Penny stripped down naked… Now, smarten up!  Seat removed, all the body work, and the biggie- the gas tank.  At first I thought HP2 was being a little over-the-top about what we needed to clean (he’s a professional mechanic whose riding experience makes me Ewan to his Charlie) , but after looking around at my girls naughty bits, I knew he was right.  So, a good afternoon of work later, the bikes were cleaned and I knew more about my bike than ever before.  Finally.

After the past couple of days with the other riders I was ready to ride with them for a bit more.  They’d been fun riding companions, but more importantly, after a hard day of riding I still felt that way.  I was the oldest of the group by a number of years, but luckily they considered me fairly spry, so the deal was done.  We were going to ride the ‘fun’ road down from Uyuni to the Bolivian/Chile border.  There I would leave them and continue in Bolivia while they moved south (except for HP2 who would just ride around all over).

So, we found a place for the night and made ready for….

Yeah, I know- HP2 is always sucking on his water sack, but really- the point of the photo is the crazy artwork like that on the bus from my previous post.  No, stop- the picture is about the hotel sign!



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