The posse

Heading out with a bunch of other riders again was a little strange for me- especially since we were leaving the freedom of the salar.  I’m not used to riding in a group, so I tend to let others lead to watch how the riding group dynamic works from the inside or I try and lead myself without really thinking about all the variables that go into riding in a group… And then I get cranky because things aren’t going exactly as they would if I was alone.  But, riding with these guys wasn’t too bad- sure we all had our riding temperaments, but we weren’t dicks about it and we were able to kind of push and pull ourselves into a relatively stress free style.  It wasn’t ideal, but after such a short time, it was damn lucky.

Most of the days riding had been through fairly plain hills, with bland little towns, and scrubby underbrush.  As the sun slowly started to set, the banality of the landscape was stripped away.  What were once bland little towns, grew richly lit churches…

And what had been  just water following the easiest path downhill became…

It was wonderful to watch.  It was also time to find a place to sleep for the night.  Poets and star gazers might have been happy to spend the night wrapped up in a simple blanket so as to better contemplate the unfolding celestial majesty, but riders need just a wee bit more.

So, we found a place that was protected from the wind, had enough scrub around to keep a fire going, and also had abundant running water- the perfect camping spot!

After a great night- this time with a proper campfire, I enjoyed another of the advantages of riding in a group.  I could go out and explore the area without my gear and without worrying about it.

Unfortunately, before I could do that, we had to get things thawed.  While the previous night may had been much warmer than the salar, it still din’t make for an easy morning coffee…

But, after that- sheer bliss!


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