Really? Now?

Recovering from surgery in the hospital was a bit of a boring pain, but there was a huge bright spot.  Hp2 was still around, so not only did he come to visit, he offered to hitch a ride back to Bolivia to get my bike and bring it to his hostel in St. Pedro (awesome guy, huh?).  Two days later he and my bike were only a 100km away and I could finally completely relax.  I was safe and healing and my bike was safe as well.  Phew.

The next day I was able to leave the hospital with instructions to return in 5 days to have the staples in my leg removed.  so, after some ridiculous hoping around town to get crutches (the hospital didn’t have any!), I grabbed a cab and headed to St. Pedro and my new home until I had healed enough to get back on the road.

Within a couple of days I had settled into a regular schedule of keeping my foot elevated, injecting myself once a day in the stomach with some kind of drug, and stumping around for food.  On one of these trips I took my plastic bag with my money and credit cards with me and since it was a nice quiet town I didn’t think to turn back and drop off everything but the money I needed for shopping…  No, there was no violence- I was just fumbling around with my crutches, backpack, and groceries and lost track of my cash.  I’d just exited the store when I realised this and returned to grab it.  Unfortunately, the lady at the counter had already sent the bag off to the police… Or so she said.  What followed was pretty much what you’d expect- police didn’t know anything about it, lady at the counter insisted she’d given it to 2 people she couldn’t identify, etc, etc.  The end result was that I had almost no cash and no credit cards.

The next couple of weeks while I waited for new cards were less than pleasant as I was reduce to eating bread with ketchup along with being unable to get my staples removed…  But, it passed, and after just under a month I was back on the road!


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