The case of the missing Mojo

I knew riding again would be a bit of a challenge since my leg was still in less than perfect condition, but the real problem would get getting over the fear of another crash.  The cash hadn’t been my fault, but I still replayed what happened looking for ways that I could have avoided injury- thinking that a more experienced rider would have known some trick and that maybe my lack of serious injuries on this trip had been nothing more than luck- luck that might have run out.

The riding wasn’t doing much to help- long, boring roads in the desert where your choice was either straight tar or sandy gravel.  The tar didn’t provide me with any confidence since it was in good condition and perfectly straight.  The gravel, well, I didn’t even try it.  My leg couldn’t handle standing on the pegs or even the weight of the bike, but more importantly I had lost my confidence.  In rough riding conditions a timid rider is much more likely to make a mistake- back-off when they should give it gas, brake too hard, or generally just give in to fear and lead themselves directly into the kind of situation they were trying to avoid by being overly cautious.

Needless to say, days of this kind of view and no way to let off steam with a quick romp in the sand, were not helping me in finding my Mojo…

Some of the otherworldly sights certainly helped with my mood,

while others just gave me hours of ‘what the F…’ musings.

Generally though, it was a low point where I had to search for a reason to ride instead of waking up every morning with the urge to hit the road.


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