Zip, Stop, Zip

My plan for Peru had changed.  Instead of exploring it and taking my time I was going to zip through.  On a previous trip I’d already seen and done the ‘must-do’ things and the other places I wanted to see were no longer an option since the accident.  Might as well make up some time and put down some miles.

Despite this, I was starting to enjoy myself again.  The riding was getting a bit more interesting with snow covered mountains and lush valleys separated by desert spaced close enough together to force the road into endless contortions while providing dramatic views.

Oddly enough, even the road signs kept things interesting.

This one I understand- don’t put rocks on the road.  It’s a common thing that people do to indicate an obstruction ahead any many times they are left behind after things are cleared away- becoming dangers of their own.

This one made me rethink the first one.

If your somewhere where burning tyres on the road are enough of a problem that you have to put signs up about it, I guessing helpful rocks on the road don’t really rate.

Despite the odd signs, I saw no trouble at all and was even able to enjoy an occasional nice overnight little rest stop.

I reached Lima in a couple of days and was then ready for my proper stop.  Life seems to continue around me even as I ride, so I had to fly home to get a new passport, go to a friends wedding, and generally prove to my parents that I was fine and generally in one piece.

Stop done, it was time to zip again.  Zip north to Ecuador.


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