It wasn’t THAT bad

The first day at sea began in about as perfect a way as one could hope- a blue sky with a calm sea… And the bikes hadn’t managed to fall off during the night!

There was one other bike on board being ridden by a Canadian from Budapest to Budapest going East.  He had already finished most of his trip and was a fountain of info on some of the places I had yet to visit- along with being a good solid Canadian.  We hit it off immediately!

Oh, did I mention he was riding a Vespa?!

The rest of the boat was a mix of young folk from around with world, with a good size contingent of Israelis and a disappointing lack of the bikini wearing sex.

The majority of the day was spend lounging around and enjoying a relaxed time on the water.  Beer and rum flowed and with it the annoyance that some of the other passengers had for the bikes blocking their way and the delay loading them had imposed.  The splendor of the days dying light was our nightcap.




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