Another Holiday!?

After the break to cross The Gap I wasn’t expecting to take days off any time soon.  However, once we reached Bocas del Toro, we just couldn’t resist.  Our hosts were lovely, the environment was pristinely beautiful, and getting there made the hassle of getting out rather unpalatable.

The peninsula that out hosts lived on was not road accessible- in fact it had no roads on it at all- all travel was by boat.  Since we wouldn’t be doing any riding and the boats were small, we decided to leave our bikes with friends of our hosts as they had a house right ‘over’ the water.  I, of course, assumed they meant ‘on’ the water and it was just a translation error.


They had a small wooden stilt shack over the water and we had to get our bikes out to it, so…

Walk the gear across.

Then ride the bikes across.

Then park them and hope a storm doesn’t come along and blow everything away.

Oh, BTW- the guy and his kids were a lot friendlier than the pics makes them look- just happened to catch them between infectious grins.

And then finally take a little boat with all our gear for a 30 minute ride out to the house.

Arriving at our charming hosts house we settled in for a fascinating night of stories.  Exchanging tales of our adventures in places that until only a couple of years ago where on mysterious points on a map to me.  Seeing places I’d been to through anothers eye would bring back memories and lead to more stories.  It was a long night, but one of those that plays through your head before you fall asleep no matter how tired you may be.

In the morning I woke to fresh coffee and scene of supreme relaxation out the front door.

The next few days were more of the same peaceful enjoyment- days spent swimming, boating, visiting Bocas town, and checking out the local wildlife.

There may also have been some napping from time to time…

And then, on another quiet morning, it was time to retrace our steps back to the bikes and head off to Costa Rica.



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