Maybe not

Hitting the main road, it wasn’t long before we arrived at some serious road the construction- the small mountain road was being widened and modernised.  The road workers recommended that we take an even smaller mountain road that would lead us around the construction and onto some decent tar in an hour or so.

Off we went, along the narrow road and through tiny villages and hamlets.  The road never got as bad as the night before, but it was a hard track that kept you focused on riding and bouncing from rut to gully.  About 45 minutes later we hit beginning of more road work, with the rocky dirt road being replaced with an even surface of large stones- exactly like the ones that had caused me problems in Iceland.  Instead of slowing down or stopping to check the road, HP2 just sped up and kept going.  After a while we stopped to take some pics of the beautiful valley we were riding into.

Though, to be honest, the beauty I was looking at was more mundane and closer to the ground…

…gorgeous new tarmac!

I made a comment to HP2 about the previous road and he said that he just took as he would alone- I’d proved the night before that I could ride anything just fine, so he didn’t bother worrying about that kind of thing anymore.  Coming from the best off road rider I’ve met on my trip (watching him take on a deep sand track is really a thing of beauty) it was a wonderful compliment.

Except, crap!  Now it’s not just me I have to worry about getting over confident about my riding skills!


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