A screeching stop

A day out of Mexico City my lag problem became much worse, until a horrible grinding noise and shaking had me stop the bike.  A quick check confirmed our worst fears- my drive shaft was finished.

I wasn’t going anywhere.

We were able to get some guys working on a roadside crew to take my bike to a small town were we had to figure things out.  We had already decided to part ways in Mexico City since HP2 had some friends to visit, but the hassle of dealing with getting my bike to a dealership, etc was enough to make him going on ahead the best choice.  We both had different ways of dealing with things like this and our store of understanding was pretty much empty.

So, the next day HP2 was off and I was sitting in a truck heading to Peubla, though I did manage to get a chuckle from my bikes riding companion…

Things were certainly not getting any better.


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