Finishing it up

From Tikal it was a quick ride to Belize– a country I was really looking forward to.  Not for any obvious reason, but just because it always seemed remote to me- some strange place that you never knew anything about beyond its name.  Truth is, I still don’t- I just couldn’t get a handle on it like I could for other countries.  Perhaps it’s because we were there during the funeral of George Price, their first Prime Minister.  Maybe it was because it’s english speaking and seems to collect the lost from The U.S.  Or, it could just be that it was such a strange, non-Central American country.  It was pleasant and we spent a couple of quiet days on the coast, but neither one of us was really looking to stay too long.  The beach communities were lazy places where people downed rum as a cure for their boredom or to help them forget why they’d ended up there, Belize city was probably the most dangerous feeling city we’d hit in Central America, and the reasons to go to Belize- The Great Blue Hole, trekking/kayaking to see the caves and falls of the interior, and Ambergris Caye are all non-riding destinations and we both were keeping our trips primarily riding destinations only.  It certainly wasn’t a bad place, more like getting the key to a locked chest and then finding out it was empty than anything else.

So, from Belize we headed to Mexico and our last country before hitting the U.S. and the ‘normal’ world.

We were both getting a little tired of riding together- still getting enjoying traveling together, but having to work at it.  Not so much because we didn’t get along, but more that we were both independent travelers that were no longer completely independent.  As well, the underlying discontent I’d been feeling for a while was getting stronger.  I wasn’t tired of the ride or the experiences, but something was just not sitting right with me.

It didn’t help that since we were doing longish riding days we ended up stuck for a place to stay a few times- this being one of the least pleasant campsites of my trip (we couldn’t find any hotels).

Then I started to feel a strange little lag when accelerating.  Almost like chain-lag, but since I have a drive-shaft, it wasn’t going to be anything as simple as tightening a loose chain.  With any luck I’d make it to the U.S. where I was planning a full service, but it was just another thing that was slowly leaking the fun of the ride out along the road behind me.

So with that and my front suspension having lost most of its oil (I forget if I mentioned that before- nothing serious, but annoying), HP2s bike needing a complete transmisson rebuild, we were stuck on the main roads and just looking forward to being done.

A very low point on the ride.



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