You sent my bike where?!

Well, if you sent it all the way to New Zealand, then I guess it would be just rude not to ride it around there for a bit…

Yup, I guess it’s finally time to admit that I’m planning on riding around the world.  I never really planned to when I started the trip- beyond the whole no real riding experience thing, it just seemed such a huge undertaking that suggesting it as a first trip didn’t seem wise.  I’m certainly not suggesting now that it was always the plan, but the fantasy certainly existed.  I think now I not only have the skills to finish the trip, but I also have enough miles behind me (over 150,000km on this trip) that I can openly admit to it without sounding like a complete fool.

Hey- stop that!  I said COMPLETE fool!

Either way, I’m in New Zealand now- just in time for the Auckland Christmas parade!

Oh, and to make things Kiwi-proof-positive…

So far- New Zealand is wonderful!  I’ll leave to countryside and riding for later, but for now… The people.  Absolutely amazing- kind of the way I think (wish?) Canadians are like.  There are only a few places in the world where I have been welcomed like this and it really seems almost impossible to find someone you don’t feel like sitting down and having a chat to- right along with an invite to do the same.  I mean, if ‘The Big City’ is like this, what will happen when I move into the countryside….?


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