Ah, you knew it couldn’t last

Leaving another picturesque campsite, with a great drive in…

Great place to spend the night…

And a great view on the ride out…

I knew my luck was running out.  The weather was coming in and the forecast was for at least a few days of rain.  With the clouds roiling in, I pushed north.  The coastal riding was still great, with the now ubiquitous small villages connected by beautifully maintained tar or gravel roads.  Even beyond sight of the ocean, you could always feel it in the air or scenery.

Just past the plastic tourist area of The Bay of Islands, the weather really closed in.  Low clouds and brief showers made the riding cocoon-like, with brief glimpses of the water giving the only hint to where I was.

During one the breaks in the rain I decided it was time to find myself and my soaking gear a place to spend the night.  A hotel or motel?  No chance!  Even with the miserable weather, staying on the beach at a small Maori reservation sounded like the perfect plan.



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