For Better or Worse…

Or, I suppose in this case, for Dryer or Wetter.  Yup, you guessed it- the weather really just couldn’t care less about my desire to carve corners under a blue sky, or even be able to put on dry clothes in the morning…

Despite this, New Zealand was still invigorating, welcoming, breathtaking… All the good ‘ings’!  I looked forward to getting back on the road every morning as I wriggled into my soaking riding gear.  Any road I took seemed to have endless panoramic lookouts, scenic reserves, and other reasons to wander down some smaller road or other.  A quick stop to see Tane Mahuta, the largest kauri tree in New Zealand

turned into an amazing stroll through the surrounding forest- no the surrounding jungle.  I hadn’t seen anything as rich since the Amazon or Congo.

A simple bathroom break was enough to make me sit for a while and just enjoy.

Then, one evening, the clouds started to part and the last of the bleak views was finally wiped from the canvas.

Replaced with colours and light that made even the most average campsite a place to revel in a meal prepared under the sky.

And the once foreboding coast was remade as a welcoming playground.

There are few places in the world that you just can’t get enough of- that make your heart lurch around every beautifully sculpted corner as it reveals yet another gorgeous vista.  New Zealand was fast topping the list.


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