Not just new memories

After traveling around for so long (or just getting older I suppose), you get used to your mind traveling without you.  Almost any simple sight can teleport you back to another time and place- a memory forgotten brought back in an instant.  Some of these flashes are simple visual similarities with other places you’ve visited.  Others can sweep you away and connect a lifetime of sights and experiences.

A day earlier a little beaten-up white pickup truck with some kids in the back had sent me back to visits with my uncle when I was young.  He would pick us up from the airport on Vancouver Island and then my parents would cram into the front with him, while my brother and I would gleefully ride in the bed and try not to let our excitement to get us into trouble by bouncing around too much.  A wonderful memory brought back to life by a similar sight.

Then, this perfectly pleasant sight in Taupo crashed over me.

Learning to sail on The Seine in Paris when I was young, kids taking their boats out from the Bermuda Dinghy Club on weekends when I was living there, other children taking out their boats while I was camping at The Clube Náutico da Ilha de Luanda in Angola during this trip…  All of it came rushing back with that one view.  A disconnected mass of half-forgotten memories instantly and irrevocably tied together in my mind.

Sure, it was a beautiful day with some truly stunning riding around the lake, but it was really about a simple sight that brought back and connected the memories of a lifetime.


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