It’s like they picked out all raisins…

…And left the rest of the world with the bran flakes.

Hitting the south coast it was time to do the mandatory ‘Southern Most Point’ pic at Bluff and like most of these points, it’s technically not the southern most point (that honour belongs to Slope Point), but it’s the traditional one, so it gets the pic.

I then had a wonderful little ride through the rolling farm land and small towns heading back up North.  I wanted to see the rare yellow-eyed penguin colony at Curio Bay and my initial thought was that it would make a nice afternoon stop before riding on.  When I got there I found something worth spending a bit more time than that.  Not only was the bay and point beautiful, it had a wonder of a little camp site and a heck of a lot more going on than funny looking seabirds.

First, A quick look at the campground sold me.  With a view like this how are you just going to ride on?

Though it was missing one thing…

Ah, perfect- I could get used to this!

Now, lets go have a gander at these funky little birds.  Hello?  HELLLLOOOOO?!  Nope nothing.  Not a waddler in sight.

The area where they were supposed to hangout was interesting in and of itself being the remains of a forest that had petrified and left layers in the cliffs showing a history of floods destroying the forest, the forest regrowing, and then another flood destroying it again.

The old stumps in particular had me walking around staring at the ground.  I’m not sure if a landscape photograph can be called an abstract, but this shore could easily hang in any modern art gallery.

The coastline itself was another piece of art, this one perhaps a bit more H.R. Giger than Michael Mazur.


Finally, as the sun was setting, one lone penguin, soon followed by another appeared.

And that was it.  A two penguin colony! Ah well, their waddling and jumping around the rocks was more than entertaining enough to make the wait for them worth it.

Back to the campsite and more fun.  A epicurean seal had been attracted by the smell of someones BBQ lamb and I assume was wandering around the campsite looking for a decent wine to serve with it.

With darkness approaching, it was time for dinner and bed.  And to wonder at my luck at having a view like this to myself while I preformed my mundane evening duties.

Once I was in bed I kept hearing some rustling against the tent that didn’t seem to match the wind.  Popping my head out of the tent I found that I was in the path of a group of penguins coming up to sleep in the tall grass beside my tent.  Sorry no pic- it was dark and I didn’t want to scare the birds with a flash.

The next morning I spent a sinful amount of time in bed, even going so far as to make coffee before scooting back inside to drink it under my sleeping bag.  Why?  With a view from bed like this, wouldn’t you?



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