The magnificent Mount

It was finally time to ride up to Mount Cook/Aoraki. I honestly wasn’t expecting too much since the weather had been excellent for the last week or so and with less than 70 rain free days a year at the mount and my luck, I figured it was time for the weather to roll in.

Guess not.

The ride up itself was pleasant, if rather uneventful.  Once at the park, things got more interesting when I spotted this dusty argo at a trail head.  If that was allowed to go up there, then I should be too!

Then I read the sign…

Might as well jump into a bullpen dressed as Santa and expect them to sit on your lap!  Not Recommended still means allowed!

The track was just as promised.  Narrow, steep, strewn with rocks and small water crossings.  Great fun!

Near the end of the track I was able to scramble up an embankment to get a view of the barren Tasman lake, formed by the retreat of The Tasman Glacier deeper in the range.

After this thrilling little run, it was time to head back to the low lands and a couple of days of flat land riding.  But before this, the mountains had one more gift for me.

I didn’t do anything to this photo or use a filter or anything- this is its actual colour.  Miami Vice, eat your heart out!


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