Long Story Short

I ran this cheat in South Africa and I’m going to do it again- finish up NZ in one post and then then start Australia clean.

The rest of the south island was fine, but nor terribly moving- I’d done the really fun stuff, so I took the eastern coast up back to Picton.  From there I headed back to the north island and a date with destiny!

Other than the rain hitting me within minutes of debarking from the ferry, all was going well.  Hit the east coast, but moved fairly fast since the weather made lingering pointless.  One night I was awakened at 2am to evacuate and when I returned later that day promptly resolved to follow all ranger warnings… again.

My tent was on the other side of the tree.

From there it was a rather cool and wet ride up to Auckland, though the occasional detour to the beach provided enough moody bleakness to keep my wandering soul happy.

And an occasional tourist stop kept my restless mind entertained.

Then it was off to my reward- a big New Years with HP2 and another rider and his friends!!

I got there after they’d left to shop for the feast, but it wasn’t just the sun peaking through the clouds that made me feel welcome…

After that it was a few days of perfection- rugby on the beach, afternoon cocktails, and alternating cooking duties (from a wonderfully massive leg of lamb on the BBQ, to home stuffed ravioli, to my addition of pesto crusted salmon).  Really, if it wasn’t for the regular attendance of various women and my generous paunch, it might as well been the Top Gun beach scene.

I just love being a rider!



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