Not Feelin’ It

On the bike, on the road again, and…  Nothing.  Everything was fine, but just that- fine, nothing was really grabbing me.  The people were perfectly nice, the riding perfectly pleasant, but it seemed somewhat pointless.  No ‘WOW!’ moments.  I think most of the blame can be laid firmly at New Zealand’s feet since it really was such a wonderful treat.  The rest?  I think the riding was once again become to much like a holiday- not an adventure.  For the cost of riding in Australia I just wasn’t feeling like I was getting any real value…  Or maybe I was just being spoiled brat and expecting desert for every course.

Arriving in Brisbane to get some parts for the bike, I had a funny little moment.  A simple thing that not only cheered me, but made me think of what I was doing and experiencing.

Something about a little tomato plant growing in a scruffy parking lot beside the BMW dealership just appealed to me- appealed to the idea that it’s not just the majestic vistas and exciting experiences that make this trip- it’s the simple pleasures and small experiences that happen everyday that are really the core of it.  Without them there’s nothing to put the truly amazing in context.  So, thank you little tomato plant.

After my tomato related pick-me-up I had another, more practical one, with the Brisbane BMW dealership- Morgan & Wacker.  These guys weren’t just friendly, they really went out of their way to help me out.  The starter motor I needed to replace was ordered under my Canadian warranty, but the rear suspension that was riding very hard was off warranty and a new one would be way more than I wanted to pay.  Some calls back and forth, some checking around, and poof- they found a company that was able to rebuild BMW sealed suspensions (not an easy task and one I’d been repeatably told was impossible).  So instead of forking over a few thousand dollars I was able to get back on the road for just over $200!  So, not only do these guy get a big thanks from me, they added a bounce to the spring already back in my step.


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