Rain, Rain Go Away!!

So, after a pleasant little stay in Brisbane that also included meeting up with a rider that I had just missed in Botswana, I decided to head North-West and towards the outback.  Well, I’d planned to that is.  I knew there had been some flooding, but knew pretty much which roads were out and thought I could avoid them without too much trouble.  Silly boy.

Near the end of my first day I passed Roma, which was the furthest West I could go before I hit the flooding and so I started north and, about 80km later was stopped by floods at the small town of Injun.  Turning back I quickly found that my line of retreat had also been cut.

A very rainy night later and the road just looked worse.

Back in town the news wasn’t good- Roma itself was under water and a woman had already lost her life in the flooding.  A day later and…

But, the road North was open again!  So off we went, a small convoy of trapped travelers and locals, until we encountered the now ubiquitous sign…

Luckly, this time the water was standing an only about 2 feet deep, though the break in the road was fairly long.

This time I wasn’t going to sit for days.  Quiet water and a well marked road would make for an easy crossing, on the other hand, a police officer hanging around to ensure that no one attempted to cross was going to be a bit more difficult.  Happily, there were some locals who were of the same mind as me and they called some friends who informed them when the officer was far enough away on the other side of the break that we could make our move and then flee before he returned.  One by one we crossed, with me following close behind a truck to take advantage of his bow-wave to lower the water even further.  Reaching the other side, we all went down a small road to swing around town, and then back on the main road.  Freedom!

This happy state wasn’t to last long.  The next day and…

But, I think I’ll leave it at that- I’m sure you’re getting just as tired of road block stories as I was when experiencing them.  In the end, I was delayed over a week and had to ride over 800km of detours.  I enjoyed the camaraderie of the various trapped travelers I met, with route information passed along at gas stations and by friendly truck drivers who got updates over their CB radios, but beyond that, I was definitively feeling the lack of both spring and bounce in my step.



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