Island Hopping

Finishing Sumba worked out perfectly- I arrived at the town where the ferry left from in the late afternoon and the ferry was scheduled for 9am the next morning.  After finding a hotel, I went down to the dock to make sure I knew where to go and buy a ticket.  Unfortunately, things weren’t exactly as they should be…

No worries though- a bit of detective work sent me riding to the fishing dock about a kilometer away where a temporary setup was in place and I was able to buy a ticket.  The rest of the afternoon was left to exploring the town and munching on more wonderful street food.  One odd little find was a traditional village on a little hill…

In the middle of town!

The next morning I got to the ferry early, showed my tickets, and then tried to ride onto the dock to the boat.  No go-  the rather unhappy looking ferry workers would let me pass.  Much arm waving, broken English/Indonesian, and a quick walk to the ferry later I discovered the problem.  It was packed!  There was no way my bike could fit- a little local bike would have made it, but apparently the guy who sold me my ticket hadn’t passed on the information that my bike was on huge side.  So I wasn’t going.  And the next ferry wasn’t for 5 more days. AND they wouldn’t give me a refund!  More arm waving later and I was back on the road to the town I’d started in on Sumba- I’d sold my ticket to a local who wanted to cross, found out that a ferry going back to Flores would leave the next day, and couldn’t manage to stay cranky, despite my best efforts.

Bright and early the next morning all went as planned and I was on my way to Flores, this time with much quieter neighbours…


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