Here are some of the bike related sites I use.  I can recommend all the sites from personal experience (thats why it’s a short list), but your mileage may vary.  I’ll be adding more, as well as some vendor sites, as I get around to it (and as I use their equipment and find it lasts and works well).

Horizons Unlimited– So far the best place I’ve found online for real, up to date, and accurate bike related travel information.  If you want to go there, they ‘ve got the information you need.  Geared for longer, more adventurous riding.

Adventure Rider– Another great site.  It’s not geared as much for the real long distance rides and detailed destination information, but it’s got more of the fun stuff relating to bike travel and the posting gets a little feistier.

Best Biking Roads– As the name suggests, this a great place to get tracks for a great ride.  You wouldn’t use it to plan a whole trip, but it’s great for checking out good day rides for wherever you find yourself.

Adventure Designs– These guys have THE BEST engine guard extensions for the R1200 GSA (I always get asked about them by other GSA riders), not to mention great tool and repair kits.  They are also great to deal with.

Breakdown Dictionary– You certainly don’t need a BMW to like this BMW-Motorrad tool!  It has wide list of bike specific parts/services in a huge number of languages.  You can download it and print it so you can reference it without a computer or Internet access.


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