I’m traveling for an extended period on a 2009 BMW R1200 GS Adventure bike.  I finally got this blog thing going after already riding 16,000 km through North America.  I’ll be referencing the earlier part of the trip, but this blog truly starts from the beginning of the post North American leg.  I have no set plan or itinerary and try not book anything in advance.  The plan, such that it is, is to let the mood and the road send me where they may.


I guess I might as well admit that I’m now trying to go around the world.  It was a long time before I truly contemplated turning this into something like a Round the World Solo Motorcycle Trip, but it was a dream that slowly turned into a plan and is now a goal.  Right now I expect to go from Australia to East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.  After that I want to fly the bike and I to Nepal before riding there, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.  From there the bike and I will fly to South Korea or Japan and then take a ferry to Magadan in Russia before starting the trip west through Mongolia and…  I’m not sure after that- I’ll see what the situation is like when I get there.  But some of the ‘stans at least.  After that, it will be quickly back to Europe before shipping the bike and I to Alaska and the final ride home to Edmonton.  How much will get done?  Beats me.  But it seems that I now have a plan… of sorts.

The name of the blog refers to the old G/S name used by BMW- Terrain/Street (Gelände/Straße).  As I understand it, since 1986 it’s become GS- Terrain Sport (Gelände Sport).  Needless to say, I prefer the older one.

Okay, as per requests, here’s a picture of me.


Sorry folks, the old Gsguy-looking-kind-of-scruffy-but-still kind-of-normal pic is gone.  Now you have me in all my mountain man glory… Including Burt Reynolds pose!


The old mountain man look is now gone and replaced with the full on viking look!  though I kept the Burt look up for the ladies! 😀